Progress being made

We have been at the property everyday since Friday.  I’ve been running the tractor and John has been running the backhoe.  He has started digging the pond and has also cleared out a bunch of Palmetto Palms.  Also, don’t underestimate the value of your friends and aquaintences.  Tell everyone you meet what you are doing, chances are they or someone they know can contribute to your efforts for little or no money, whether by advise or by getting you a great deal.  We have a friend who owns dump trucks and leases them.  The company he leases to is closed this week.  He got us fill shell/sand at cost and didn’t charge us for his time, we only had to pay for the fuel and the dirt!  We now have the makings of a driveway!!!!  And extra dirt to continue. 

 In case you are wondering why we are digging a pond, we are planning to use the pond for geo thermal air conditioning. 

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