Oh boy! The flood!

Added some other flood pictures 7/23/09

We haven’t been to the property since Tuesday because it has been raining like crazy! OMG! We couldn’t get to the property as the road (more like a truck path) was covered with 6+ inches of water. John walked to the property and brought back the tractor to get me up there. Our friend had left his dump truck on Tuesday as it started to rain and he didn’t want to get stuck in the mud. We were afraid with all the water he wouldn’t be able to get it out, but he got lucky and was able to. The entire property has at least 3 inches of water on it. We are going to need to fill more than we anticipated. We are happy we got to see it like this, as we have been out there right after a big rain and it seemed dry, but it’s not! We will have enough fill dirt from digging the pond to fill and raise the property so all is well, just a lot more work than we had initially planned for. I’ll post pics tomorrow of “the flood.”

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