Yard/Garage Sale

One of the issues we need to address is the fact that we have both accumulated a lot of STUFF! We are downsizing to a cottage that is going to be about 600 square feet from a 1400 square foot house. Whatever will not fit in the cottage will need to be stored indefinately or sold. So we are clearing out the closets, drawers, cabinets and garage and having a big yard sale. We did this a few months ago when we lost our jobs and it was actually more productive than we anticipated. We made over $350 for a few hours of work and I honestly don’t think we missed a thing we sold. If you are downsizing your living space, I strongly urge you to plan a yard sale. Put signs at all major intersections and post a lising on craigslist with your address and days and times. It’s also a good idea to list a few things you are selling when you post a listing, auch as “small kitchen appliances” “books” etc.

It can be boring, sitting there waiting for people to show up. I recommend a good book and a pitcher full of cocktails! One woman I met at a yard sale says when she has one, she always starts the day with a pitcher of bloody mary’s. NOW THAT SOUNDS LIKE A PLAN! Wish us luck!

One Response to “Yard/Garage Sale”

  1. Kimmy Says:

    Just another reminder of all the crap I have in my house that I need to get rid of!!

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