Property finally drying out

We finally were able to get out to the property the Friday after Thanksgiving and it is finally dry enough to get the bus out.  We took it out on Wednesday and had a tire blow out on the way.  The last 12 miles to the property seemed like it took forever, but we made it.  We did a bit of clearing while we were there.  Now it’s raining again like crazy, so we have to wait again to go out and do more work.  It is winter now, it’s not supposed to be raining like this!  We also got a 4 wheel drive truck, which John has to rebuild a motor for, but it will come in handy at the property and get us back and forth if it does turn into “Lake Bermont” again.

We also got a 3 panel solar system and a smaller single panel system.  Hopefully the larger one will run the refrigerator in the bus and the small one will run small chargers for cellphones, etc.  We are on our way!