After the Thanksgiving Feast

Well, hopefully your meal was a great success and everyone got wonderfully full and went into turkey comas.  I know I did!  Now what do you do with the leftovers?  There is a lot you can do.  FIRST…do NOT throw away that turkey carcass!  Keep it in the refrigerator to make Turkey Stock for Turkey Stew!  Mine is doing a slow boil now and once again, my house smells YUMMY!

You can also freeze leftovers in single size containers to take our and have a ready made turkey dinner!

You can make delicious Open Faced Hot Turkey Sandwiches

You can make Turkey Salad (for sandwiches or a side dish)

There are tons of things to do with your leftovers.  Don’t let them sit in the refrigerator and become a science experiment.  If you can’t eat them all within a week, freeze them!

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