Foreclosure Info

If you are facing foreclosure or are in foreclosure, don’t give up.  First, you do not need to leave your home when you are served with foreclosure paperwork.  Actually, that is a very bad thing for you.  Until you are givien an eviction date by the court at summary judgement, YOU are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of your property and your city or county can hold you financially responsible.  I just read a news article where a sheriff was interviewed stating that homeowners who abandon their properties prior to summary judgement and eviction don’t realize that even though the property is in foreclosure, until it is granted, they are responsible.  Stay in your home and plan and prepare.

If you are facing foreclosure or are in foreclosure, here are some incredible websites to visit to educate yourself (and if you have one, your attorney) on foreclosure defense, foreclosure fraud (YES IT IS HAPPENING AND MORE OFTEN THAN YOU CAN IMAGINE), tricks the foreclosing parties are using (FOR EXAMPLE if you think you are working with them on a Loan Modification, BEWARE, they are double tracking…they will continue foreclosure proceedings parallel to “working” with you on modification and SURPRISE, the foreclosure will happen before the Loan Modification does.  All 50 states have ongoing investigations into foreclosure fraud and even investigations into your original mortgages because it may turn out that the people who are suing you for foreclosure DO NOT have any claim on your property!  The robo-signing and fraudulent paperwork is EVERYWHERE!  You, nor your attorney should accept ANYTHING at face value.  This is REAL and it is happening.  I checked and was amazed at the things I found.  You may be, too.

THESE SITES HAVE ENORMOUS RESOURCES FOR CHECKING RECORDS AND INFORMATION ON FRAUD…DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND CHECK THEM OUT AND THEN CHECK YOUR PAPERWORK.  These blogs are the best resource for educating yourself about what you are going through and what you can do about it.  Most of the sites are run by attorneys and anti fraud activists.  The wealth of free information is amazing.  Check them out.


Foreclosure Fraud

Foreclosure Hamlet

Good Luck!

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