Redneck Ghetto II

Yesterday was very productive.  We got the second window installed, we got all the trim primed and got a header board on and primed.  We finished and got everything packed up in the truck just as it started to rain!  Here are more picks of the progress.  My wonderful husband also found a Magic Chef propane oven and stove that is less than a year old on craigslist for $40 and he also found a propane/12 volt refrigerator!  It’s coming together nicely.  A friend is going over today to check for leaks, as it rained like crazy last night.  Hopefully we got everything sealed up and we’ll be drip free.  Check out the new pics.  Next is a new floor inside (we also got the tile free), then insulating and paneling the walls and a deck!  (We got the wood free for the deck.)  Oh, my hubby also scored a nice little gas grill on the side of the road, $30 for a new burner and we have a nice little BBQ grill, too!  Now we are keeping our eyes peeled for a furnace or heater of some kind (propane).  Update! Just got the update and we are high and dry!  Yeah!  NO LEAKS!

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Redneck Ghetto

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Well, once again my husband has done it again.  He has taken trash and turned it into treasure.  We got a trailer free, it had one of those fold out rooms that had been butchered to pieces and he towed it to the property and in three days we have turned it into a waterproof diamond in the ruff.  We also got 2×4’s free from someone who had a bunch and wanted to get rid of them.  We had to buy some things but so far we are in it less than $1000.  The floor needs to be redone, but we have walls and two sliding doors and two nice windows.  (only one is installed, but hopefully we’ll get that second one installed today.  It is going to be a nice little camp when we are finished.


So, I wanted to give my daughters a Christmas present that was Homemade but would last a long time and they would be able to use everyday.  For the most part, they both love my cooking and now they both live too damn far away to enjoy it.  My husband has been telling me for a couple of years that I needed to write a cookbook.  In the middle of December, he made the comment again when I made something for dinner that he went gaga over.  The bells rang in my head and the light bulb came on and I decided to write a cookbook for my daughters for Christmas.  He gave it away by posting it on Facebook when it completely took over my life and I went from a few recipes to 165 pages and counting.  Now the Christmas present is obviously late, which I had already warned them about, y’all know that good things come to those who wait.  Anyway, I’m in the final stretches…have most of my recipes gathered and typed and am editing like a maniac.  I will leave the recipes here one the site, but will not be adding to them anymore.  It is really cumbersome to add them to the blog so I’m going to add new recipes to a new cookbook.  I don’t really care if no one buys it, I am writing it for my kids and hopefully for their kids.  Our daughter, Kimberly, gave me the info on a website were you can publish and sell your own book, so I’m going to do it that way and when it is all set up, I will add a post with the info for anyone that is interested.  I have already received some great feedback from friends that John has bragged to, so who knows?  I take cooking for granted because it is such a big part of me, it has always come easy to me.  It makes me feel good when I’m cooking, which is probably why I love it.  I love the smells that come from the kitchen when there is something “getting happy” cooking.  It’s not fancy or difficult, it is mostly good old fashioned cooking.  I guess it is my way of passing down some things that have given me much stress relief, joy and happy times.