I have been wanting a front loader washer and dryer forever.  Unfortunately, the price tag that comes with them made it more like a pipe dream.  My husband was driving down the road and there was a pair for $100.  He stopped, looked at them (they looked like they had literally fallen off a truck, they had some dings and skid marks on them) and offered the guy $80 and said if they didn’t work he was bringing them back.  Well, the washer wouldn’t drain and after a quick internet search, we discovered a filter the owners manual doesn’t mention and a pump, both of which were clogged.  After emptying the junk out, he then discovered a small leak, which being the MacGuyver that he is, he fixed easily.  Then he went one better, he sold my washer and dryer for $100, so we came out $20 ahead!  I get my dream washer and dryer and we get an extra $20, you can’t beat that.  I’m on my 2nd load of laundry now and man are these machines quiet!  SO HAPPY!  They are also a mismatched set, as one is white and one is charcoal, but who cares?

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