Butchering at Home-Save a ton of money!

I have become an amateur butcher at home and we are saving a ton of money!  This is not for the faint of heart or if you are not steady handed.  You must have a very sharp knife, therefore steady hands are required to not hurt yourself.

My specialty is currently a WHOLE SIRLOIN TIP.  I butcher it and get three huge roasts (two oven roasts and 1 pot roast).  I used to cut this into steaks, fajita meat, and grind some for hamburger, however, I found it is such a waste of great beef to do this.  It actually is cheaper to wait for sales and buy several steaks, buy hamburger in bulk and buy cheap steaks in bulk for fajita meat.  Click on the link above to see how I do it and what I get.  I also do not waste a bit of it, as you will see.

I  also recently tried my hand at a pork tenderloin.  This is much easier and may be a good place to start.  I purchased a 3 foot long pork tenderloin for $22 at SAMS Club and then cut it into thirds.  The center third I sliced into inch thick center cut pork chops (12).  I then cut the left and right side thirds in half and got four 6 inch tenderloin pork roasts.  For $22 I got 6 pork chop meals, four pork roast meals AND used the leftover pork from the roasts to slice for BBQ pork and cold pork sandwiches.  This means for $22 I got 10 dinners and 8 lunches for two people.  Not bad…that’s 18 meals for $22, that is $1.22 per meal for the meat.  And this is GOOD MEAT!


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