Pre-Planning can save a bunch

Watch your travel habits.

Do you run to the store everyday to buy something?  If so, you are wasting gas.  Planning ahead for those daily items can save you several trips.  I now plan my shopping day and errands so that I make a loop.  I travel around town one day a week, hit all the stores I need to, complete my errands and use the least amount of gas necessary by making one round trip instead of several.

Make a list and stick to it

I use my blackberry to keep to do lists and grocery shopping lists.  I go through the sale flyers for weekly specials make a list of what to buy where and make one trip.  As I find I need things, I add them to the list for the next trip.  If something comes up that is essential, I try to plan to get it on my way to work or back, so I’m not making a trip just for one item.

Sticking to your grocery list is an important money saver.  Grocers set up to get you to make that impulse buy.  Stick to your list unless you come across something that you forgot to add to your list.  NEVER go shopping when you are hungry!  You will spend more and be sorry.  Make a list and stick to it.

Additionally, keep coupons in a notebook or accordion file.  When making your grocery list, go through the local sales fliers and pull the coupons for the items you have on your list.  Couponing is becoming very popular.  Watch for Items on sale and use coupons to save even more.  Watch for By One Get One Free items, you can use two coupons for these and save even more.   One final thing, one of my local grocery stores also has fuel perks, which gives you gas savings of 5 cents for every $50 you spend.  They also have certain items each week that give additional fuel savings of up to 15 cents each for products.  One week I had a savings of $1.65 off per gallon of gas (up go 20 gallons), which made my savings add up to $33.00 on gas.  Now I bought things I needed, I didn’t buy anything just for the fuel perks, but being smart and planning ahead, I spend $150.00, and saved $33.00 on gas.  Not a bad deal if you plan smart.  I actually try to plan my meals around the weekly sales to save even more.  Sometimes you have to watch, especially on the buy one get one, as the prices are usually higher than normal price on these, but you still save by getting the free one.



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