We built a headboard!

John found an old dingy (approx 8 feet) on the side of the road and it was the beginning.  We wanted it to look like an old Chriscraft with the mahogany planks.  John built the bow insert and attached it to the boat.  I stained and sanded and stained and sanded until it glowed mahogany.  Then I added several coats of varnish until it shined.  John added the white caulking between the planks and it looked amazing!  We also covered the aft end of the boat with planking, creating a storage spot for pillows.  The bottom shelf is hinged and lifts up to reveal the storage compartment.  We built the background of the shelves to make it look like the old plank style of the bottom of a wood boat.  We added the shelves, we added a bow light (which looks cool shining on the ceiling.  We added anchor lights which are adjustable for reading and LED lights under the shelves which lights up the cool nautical stuff on the shelves.  We added our pirate paraphanalia and a mast with the parrot we got on our honeymoon!  John even hooked it to a remote control so we can turn it on when we walk in the room.  It came out awesome!

One Response to “We built a headboard!”

  1. Jo Says:

    WOW guys! That headboard is gorgeous!!!

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